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Two Steffen-Spiel game are now available to play online. But isn’t that a contradiction in our publishing terms?!

Soluna is a smart little stacking game for two people. Steffen Spiel released it in 2011 but it is currently out of print. Here it celebrates a symphatic revival in an online version.



Of course, concentrating on a screen and pressing the keys or mouse-clicks are quite different from handling high quality wooden game materials or being vis à vis another player. Personally, I prefer the idea of contact with a real counterpart. However, I admit to also being intrigued by the prospect of playing an opponent based in Canada, Australia or China. It’s obvious that games such as ‘Nine Men’s Morris’, ‘Connect Four’ or ‘Go’ are a resounding success on the web due to the enduring fascination good strategy games hold for all age groups and nationalities in numerous countries!


So I am delighted that SIX and KULAMI have now also conquered the Internet!

Before you decide to purchase a game, you can enjoy a brief test game. But you may need a little patience. Sometimes, it takes hours or even days before a fellow player answers one of your moves! Old-fashioned wooden counters clearly help move things along faster ...

Krastel, June 2015

Steffen Mühlhäuser